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Stache Rig In One Kit

Stache Rig In One Kit

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The Rio Portable Dab Rig has gotten an extreme makeover! Stache products once again improves portable dabbing. Majority of portable devices today are electric, and use coil heating methods, leaving you vulnerable to a dead battery, a burnt-out coil, and out of luck. The Rio Makeover has none of those issues.
Made from uniquely crafted 4mm thick borosilicate glass, the Rio Rig features a flared mouthpiece, cube design, a new Wide Showerhead perc, beneath a recessed 14mm female joint for less likelihood of breakage. The bubbler rests in Rio's hard colorful base, that also houses a specially designed refillable, adjustable butane torch, heating up a Core Reactor 14mm male quartz banger nail positioned above the torch’s nozzle. The Makeover Kit also includes a Puddle Pusher carb cap to ensure you get the most out of your concentrates.



  • 1x Stache Rig In One Kit
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