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Exotic Whip

Exotic Whip Cream Charger 640G Nitrous Oxide Tank

Exotic Whip Cream Charger 640G Nitrous Oxide Tank

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Looking for Better Quality Whipped Cream Chargers? Try the New ExoticWhip Nitrous Oxide Tanks! Our extra large Nitrous Oxide Cream Chargers are much easier to use than small N20 cartridges! Only ExoticWhip offers the Highest Purity Imported European gas. Extra large Whipped Cream Chargers will save you time and money. No more refilling your whipped cream dispenser one tiny n2o cartridge at a time. We offer larger tanks with nitrous oxide, which are 640 grams ~ 1.4lbs and have 80 times More Capacity than the traditional tiny whip cream cartridges. Using our 99.7% pure nitrous oxide from Europe, you'll find no artificial aftertaste using your heavy whipping cream and whipped cream dispenser using our whipped cream chargers. Exotic Whip cream chargers can be used to create aromatic infusions for tasty creams and sauces, soups, savory mousses, toppings for desserts and pies, and more. It's not just chefs who love the ExoticWhip charger. Mixologists, bartenders, and at-home cocktail enthusiasts value the ease at which they can create rapid infusion cocktails with nitrous oxide canisters.



  • 1x Exotic Whip Cream Charger 640G Disposable Nitrous Oxide Tank
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